This is Why YAWP! is the Perfect Whole30 Emergency Food

First of all, congratulations on taking the first step in reclaiming a healthier, better version of yourself by committing to complete a Whole30! One of the hardest things to do is change a bad habit, and that's doubly true when we rely on our "bad habits" (eating unhealthy comfort foods) for emotional support.

Add in the stress of today's hustle and bustle, non-stop, always on the go lifestyle and the challenge has become even greater!

So let's dig into why YAWP! is the Perfect Whole30 Emergency Food!

Food Texture Variety

Let's face it, after awhile there's only so much texture variety that fruits, vegetables, and protein sources can provide. After awhile, you just want something else!

Unlike meat-based Whole30 compliant emergency bars that can be chewy and salty, or other dried fruit and nut bars that can be soft and gummy, YAWP! packs a crunch!

We spend hours in the test kitchen continually developing our baking process so that we can stay crunchier, longer, in any environmental condition. We already do a pretty good job of that, but we never settle for pretty good. We want to be perfect.

Bring Us With You!

One of the biggest challenges you guys have told us about is your ability to find Whole30 foods that are portable and you can bring with when your next meal is hours away.

We're portable and fit into many small spaces - a purse, your car's glove compartment, your hiking pack, your kid's lunch box...! Don't worry, we're not claustrophobic, and we love exploring the new places you take us! Including your cubical desk drawer. I've never seen a more interesting stack of post-its than yours!

Sugar Cravings

We asked what your biggest challenges were while following Whole30 guidelines. By far, the biggest response was Sugar Cravings!

And that makes complete sense.

When you're detoxing from a diet laden with sugars, hidden sugars, and processed carbohydrates, your body tends to crave what its used to being fed. Almost like a drug!

YAWP! adds NO ADDITIONAL SUGAR or ARTIFICIAL SWEETENERS, our HEALTHY, NATURAL SOURCE of glucose comes from 100% ORGANIC dates, giving your body and mind the sugar it craves -- but from the earth instead of a science lab.

So whether you're trying your first Whole30, your second, third, fourth, fifth, or just trying to adjust to a healthier lifestyle while functioning in this fast paced, crazy world, YAWP! solves all of these problems for you, and we couldn't be happier to do it.

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